Fun Summer Activities for Kids

School is out and the sun is shining brightly. So don’t let your kids waste away this wonderful time. Make the summer vacation truly memorable with fun-filled activities that kids will surely enjoy. Instead of sitting idly in front of the TV or computer, encourage them to take advantage of the great weather by heading outdoors. Here are some fun ideas from your favourite online toy store, Toy Guru:

Radio Flyer Ez-Rider, one of the toys kids can play during summer

  1. Ride-on – Let the kids enjoy the thrill of speed. Let them ride their bikes and scooters around the neighbourhood or through biking trails at the park. Not many children these days know the wonderful feeling of the wind as you ride down a slope. Give the kids a chance to experience this for themselves. There are a lot of ride-on bikes and scooters to choose from at Toy Guru. Most of them even come with free delivery anywhere in Australia. Just do not forget to make the kids use helmets and knee pads for protection.
  2. Camping – Stir your kids’ sense of adventure. Camp out and spend a night outdoors this summer. There are lots of stuff to do like roast marshmallows and trade stories by the campfire. It is also a great way to learn more about the environment. Bring some environmental toys with you like torch lights and radios that do not use batteries to really teach them the importance of reconnecting with nature.
  3. Have a picnic – Enjoy the clear skies and have a picnic at the park. Eat your food, listen to music or play sports toys with your friends.
  4. Water fun – Hot days are inevitable during summer. Cool down and have loads of fun with Nerf water toys. Make it a team competition to amp up the fun. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy fun times under the sun.
  5. Start a new hobby – Since school is out, kids have a lot of time in their hands. This would be a good time to encourage them to start a new hobby like learning how to draw or starting a toy collection.
  6. Keep learning – Time off from school does not mean that the learning should stop. Encourage your kids to continue developing their talents and skills. Sign them up for dance classes or sporting clinics. Play with arts and craft toys to hone their creativity. Get them science toys to feed their curiosity.
  7. Bond with the family – The kids are not too busy with homework, so grab this opportunity to have quality family time. Perhaps you can go on a vacation with the whole brood. If not, there are plenty fun family activities to do at home like having a movie marathon, playing board games or cooking together.

We hope these can help you plan a productive and exciting summer for your kids. Visit Toy Guru for great toy options that are perfect for summer. Avail of free delivery for your purchases only at Toy Guru, the leading online toy store in Australia.

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