Featured Toy of the Week: Alex Learn To Crawl Tunnel

At around the sixth or seventh month, your baby will start to crawl. He will become more mobile and ready for exploration and adventure. Introduce your little one to the exciting world of crawling with the Toy Guru Featured Toy of the Week!

Alex Learn To Crawl Tunnel is an adorable offer from your favourite online toy store in Australia. It is a colourful and whimsical toy that can encourage your baby to crawl and explore. A mirror on one end can help your baby can discover his reflection. Cute and charming graphics will accompany your baby in his journey through the tunnel.

Alex Learn to Crawl Tunnel and other Baby Toys available at Toy Guru

This baby toy is made with soft and durable material that is safe for your little one to play with. Alex Learn To Crawl Tunnel also comes with a removable padded play mat so your baby can crawl on a clean surface. The mat measures 20 by 48 inches, while the tunnel is 30 by 20 inches. It has an open netting on top that allows the light to come through the tunnel so that your baby would not feel afraid or claustrophobic. Alex Learn To Crawl Tunnel easily folds into the zippered storage bag for quick clean up.

Alex Learn To Crawl Tunnel is recommended for babies 6 months and up. This fun activity toy for baby is advisable for reluctant crawlers. Leave your baby on one end and prod him to come to you at the other end. Avid crawlers will get a kick out of this toy. This is also perfect for play dates with other babies. Parental supervision is important, of course.

You will get 60 freight points for this baby toy from Toy Guru. That means you only need 40 more points to earn a free delivery anywhere in Australia. This holiday season, avoid the crowds of the toy stores and shop online.

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